Sunday, August 25, 2013

Project Based Learning

At AdVENTURE we use project-based learning tasks as our staple delivery, in order to grasp the relevance of the curriculum and obtain college and career readiness skills.

What is Project Based Learning?

  • Students are given a meaningful question to explore based on a real or fictitious scenario. 
  • Students then work with other students to inquire into the issues raised, learn content and skills, develop an answer or solution, create high quality products and present their work to other people.
  • PBL gives students a real need to know, understand and demonstrate what they learn, beyond simply getting a good grade.

How are projects structured?

  • We start with a scenario and develop an essential question. 
  • The lessons and activities that follow are geared to give the students the information and skills they need to solve the question.
  • The students are then given time to develop their projects with their teams.
  • Finally, the student teams present their project to the class and/or to a panel. 
                       Sometimes, there are mini-projects within the scope of the bigger project

It is imperative that all assignments, homework, and readings are completed well BEFORE deadlines and due dates. The level of rigor in this class will allow NO TIME TO WASTE. Students are in control of their own learning!


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