Wednesday, September 11, 2013


You recently asked me what is the purpose of the weekly blogs. Let me try to explain.

What is a blog in education?

A blog provides an organized record of your thoughts and ideas related to an educational experience. It includes not only what you learned, but also your own understanding of the topic and your reflection on the learning experience. It is a space to develop your writing and critical thinking skills, as well as strengthen your connections between concepts.

What is the purpose of the blog?

Blogs in education serve several purposes:

1. Blogging provides you with an archive of your learning experiences and your thoughts on them. If your blogs are complete, you have all the resources available to you as you sit down to complete your projects, since you have a record of the work you have already done. For example, you do not have to re-read the articles that you need to cite since you already have them cited, and you already have written down your ideas on their meaning. You have also already made the connections to other articles or experiences, so in reality the work is already done, you just have to do a final write up.

2. Blogging allows you to track how far you have come. By providing you with a written record of all your accomplishments, you are able to look back on yourself and have evidence of how much you have accomplished.

3. Blogging allows you to learn and practice the writing and reading standards. Since you are writing for an audience beyond the teacher, you are more likely to check your spelling and grammar.

What does my weekly blog need to have?

Idea & Content
  • What is the topic? 
  • What did we do? 
  • What did you learn/understand? 
  • What connection can you make? 
Reflective Thinking
  • What will you do with this new knowledge? 
  • How did you grow as a student? 
  • Why did you choose to talk about this?

Finally, for those of you that think that I might not practice as I preach, Here is the link to my own professional blog, Teaching above the test, I invite you to visit.