Sunday, October 20, 2013

Tutorials: Google Drive - Publishing your documents

I prefer that students publish their documents as soon as they create them. However, most of them are wary of publishing before the document is done. I like to compare this to giving out party invitations. When they are handed out, you are giving the location and date of the party, however your guests will not arrive until the day of the party. Same here, by giving your audience (teacher) the published link, you are just making sure that he/she has the URL on the due date, but we will not show up to grade until then. In any case, to publish your document:

1. With your document open, click on File, and then publish to the web.

2. Make sure both options are selected ("Require viewers to sign in with their Oak Grove School District account" AND "Automatically republish when changes are made"), and then click on start publishing. A pop up will appear that asks if you are sure - click Yes.

3. Left click to highlight the published document link. Then press Ctrl C to copy it.

4. Depending on how you are asked to submit the work, you can loopmail it to your teacher by logging on to schoolloop and pasting the link inside a loopmail. However, most often my AdVENTURE students will need to submit it through Edmodo to a posted assignment. The key thing you must make sure of is that the submitted URL starts with https://  and ends in /pub.

For example: