Thursday, March 20, 2014



The purpose of creating and maintaining an electronic portfolio is for students to reflect on your education. The portfolio should include a statement of your goals, and files which showcase your  best work. The work you select should be organized and reflected upon.


The electronic portfolio shows examples of different kinds of work, such as links to specific blog posts, presentations, files, and pictures. Each example is accompanied by a reflection, and includes the subject for which the artifact was created, a brief description of why the file has been included in the e-portfolio, and an explanation as to why this file shows what you learned.

You can work on your e-portfolio any time that you have finished classwork.

You may use Google sites or Wix to create your e-portfolio.

What to include:

Home page: This is where your readers will land. A homepage is the introduction for the rest of your portfolio and provides general information about you and the purpose of the site. In addition, a homepage provides links to the other pages within your portfolio. Above all, your homepage should be inviting to its viewers so that they will want to see and read more of your portfolio. The overall design of your homepage will vary depending on the purpose, the needs of the site users, the aesthetic and design goals for the site as well as the complexity of your portfolio. Ask yourself these questions to help form ideas about building your homepage.
DO NOT INCLUDE ANY INFORMATION, such as pictures, e-mail  or real address, phone number, Google+ account, etc.

Do tell us what it means to be an AdVENTURE student. This is a 5 paragraph reflection.

Create a table of contents: This links your homepage to all other pages in your portfolio:
Tech tools you learned to use.

Each subpage:
Choose at least one artifact from each class. Embed it into your site and/or include a link to the document/site/presentation/post.
Select the item(s) that you believe showcase your best work. For each item you present, you must include a reflection (1-2 paragraphs) that explain why you chose that item and how does it show your achievement. Avoid phrases such as "I chose this becauseI have always been interested in _____".
For tech tools, include the name of the tool (Glogster, Edmodo, Kahoot, etc.), with a link to the home page. Briefly describe what the tool is, how/when you used it and how it impacted your learning.

In case you need examples:

Your rubric: