Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Science News Nov 10-14



Students that reach the 250 XP milestone may switch to Article Blogs, with the understanding that the articles must have been published within the last month AND that one out of every 4 blogs must still be a reflective blog. Make sure you check the requirements in your class page! 
If you have not reached this milestone you are expected to continue writing reflective blogs. 

5th Grade: Interdependence of Organisms 

  • 5-PS3-1. Use models to describe that that energy in animals’ food  was once energy from the sun. 
  • 5-LS1-1. Support an argument that plants get the materials they need for growth chiefly from air and water.
  • 5-LS2-1. Develop a model to describe the movement of matter among plants, animals, decomposers, and the environment.
We will begin writing our letters to Mr. Cuttatree. Gather all your evidence and prepare to brainstorm the most compelling arguments!

6th Grade: Natural Disasters - Safest Place in America

  • MS-ESS2-5. Collect data to provide evidence for how the motions and complex interactions of air masses results in changes in weather conditions. 
  • MS-ESS2-6. Develop and use a model to describe how unequal heating and rotation of the Earth cause patterns of atmospheric and oceanic circulation that determine regional climates. 
You will work on your advertising campaign this week. Have you chosen "The Safest Place in America?"

7th Grade: Cells 'R Us - How do cells transport materials?
  • MS-LS1-2. Develop and use a model to describe the function of a cell as a whole and ways parts of cells contribute to the function.
  • MS-LS1-3. Use argument supported by evidence for how the body is a system of interacting subsystems composed of groups of cells. 
You will present the Cells 'R Us project on Wednesday. It is time to celebrate! To conclude our studies in this unit, you will research a cure for cancer as we study mitosis. Now isn't that exciting?

8th Grade: Periodic Table
  • MS-PS1-1. Develop models to describe the atomic composition of simple molecules and extended structures.
  • MS-PS1-4. Develop a model that predicts and describes changes in particle motion, temperature, and state of a pure substance when thermal energy is added or removed. 
Building on the "Build a Molecule" work, we will explore physical and chemical changes. Will you be able to open the "Covalent World"? 


Thank you Mr. Nakamoto for putting together such an informative presentation for parents. I know we can all learn how to navigate tech better.

Exhibition night was a huge success. Thank you all for coming out and sharing your wonderful work.

Join Herman School for a great night of food and fun at Buffalo Wild Wings (Blossom Hill Road) on November 19 from 11 AM - 2 AM. No flyer needed, just mention Herman School for Herman to get a portion of the proceeds. See you there!