Monday, February 2, 2015

New Websites and Practice Opportunities

As a way to provide opportunities for all students to practice what they have learned, as well as obtain materials to enrich the curriculum, I have given access to all students to a couple of new websites.

BirdBrainScience: Students will receive one reading assignment a week. These articles are directly tied to what is going on in class or to concepts that students might need to review. Each article has a quiz assigned, and the objective is that the student attempts the reading and quiz as many times as he/she needs until they score 100% on the quiz. The readings are assigned on Monday/Tuesday and the "final score" obtained by Friday at 2:30 is what will be reported on schoolloop.

NewsELA: These are current events articles, that have been modified to different reading levels. Great source for students doing article blogs. Most of these articles also have a quiz. I am offering 1 extra credit point for each quiz passed at 100%. These will be tallied at the end of the term, and added to whichever project the students are working on. If you are a member of 5A, you will receive your class code on Wednesday, February 4th.

Zondle; This is only open for 5th and 8th graders. This is a site for practicing CST-like questions that motivates the students to take the quizzes by attaching them to minigames. I have created a variety of question sets for the students in these two grades. Since it is about practicing, I have offered 5 extra credit points for each topic where the student averages 100% in three consecutive tries. Why three attempts? Well, because this is the data the site provides for me. If you are a member of 5A, you will receive your class code on Wednesday, February 4th.