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Science News 03-09 / 03-13

Parent information meeting is Wednesday, March 11 at 4:00 in room 35. We will talk about Student Exhibition Nights and End of Year activities. 

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5th Grade: Magnetism
  • 3-PS2-3. Ask questions to determine cause and effect relationships of electric or magnetic interactions between two objects not in contact with each other.
  • 3-PS2-4. Define a simple design problem that can be solved by applying scientific ideas about magnets.

This week we will explore magnetism. We will figure out how magnets work, and why, if you break a magnet, it is still, well, a magnet. Can you have just a north pole? Perhaps you will be curious enough to create your own electromagnets. Finallty we will discover just how many times we use magnets in our every day life.
BirdBrainScience reading: "Proving Invisible Things Exist"

6th Grade: Eco-detectives
  • MS-ESS3.A: Natural Resources Humans depend on Earth’s land, ocean, atmosphere, and biosphere for many different resources. Minerals, fresh water, and biosphere resources are limited, and many are not renewable or replaceable over human lifetimes. These resources are distributed unevenly around the planet as a result of past geologic processes.

As we continue to explore the mystery of the Gray Bay, we will explore Parallel Park and the deer situation. Could hunting mountain lions be responsible for the fish kill? Perhaps it is the fertilizer used by the golf course and the farm. Or is it too much/or too little algae? The mystery deepens.
BirdBrainScience reading: "Trade Off"

7th Grade: Geologic Time

  • MS-ESS1-4. - Construct a scientific explanation based on evidence from rock strata for how the geologic time scale is used to organize Earth's 4.6-billion-year-old history. 

What is Earth Time? What happened in to end the Cambian era? Be prepared to show off your creative skills as you navigate through the different epochs that comprise the history Earth.
BirdBrainScience reading: "Evolution Explosion"

8th Grade: Forces and Motion

  • For any pair of interacting objects, the force exerted by the first object on the second object is equal in strength to the force that the second object exerts on the first, but in the opposite direction (Newton’s third law). (MS-PS2-1)
  • The motion of an object is determined by the sum of the forces acting on it; if the total force on the object is not zero, its motion will change. The greater the mass of the object, the greater the force needed to achieve the same change in motion. For any given object, a larger force causes a larger change in motion. (MS-PS2-2)

This week we will cover energy transformations, and use our "forces" to determine the direction of movement. If we combine forces, does an object move? What is a balanced force, and what happens when it becomes unbalanced? "It's time to Move it, move it."
BirdBrainScience reading: "How to build the fastest slide of all time"

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This week I am available Tuesday,  and Friday. If you are planning on staying (until 3:30), you must have a specific Science-related issue that needs my help, and sign up on the board by lunch time.

Our next parent information meeting is Wednesday March 11 at 4:00. We will talk about Student Exhibition Nights, and EOY activities.

If any student is planning to present a Science fair project, you only have a couple of weeks. If you have questions about what you can do, come see me this week.

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