Sunday, September 20, 2015

News 09/21-09/25
Dates to Remember:

  • End of Term 1: October 2
  • AdV Student Exhibition Night - October 21 @ 5:00 p.m.

Need help with something? Post your questions on Edmodo and/or sign up for after school help. I am available Tuesday and Thursday until 3:30.

Classroom News

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5th grade
6th grade
7th grade

BirdBrain Readings have started. Remember you can re-take a reading as many times as needed until the due date (Fridays at 2:30).

5th Science
We continue the Organelle trail. The team posters for your organelle are due Tuesday (09/22) at the end of class. We will use them to complete the organelle round-up and create a mini-study guide. Don't forget to study for the Cells and Organelles quiz on Friday.
6th Science

We continue to work on the Plate Tectonics unit. After you create a Layers of the Earth foldable, we will make use of clay to develop models for layered rocks and investigate what happens at strike-slip faults. We will meet Wegener, one of the "crazy men of science", whose ideas revolutionized our understanding of the Earth's systems.
7th Science
We are reaching the end of the "Organelle Wars". Your campaign posters are up, and perhaps you are posting the last of your smears. Your TV advertisements are due at the end of class on 09/22. Don't forget to post all your work on Edmodo so we can move through the advertisements quickly when you present them on Wednesday and Thursday. Voting will take place on Friday; you will need to provide evidence for your vote so make sure you take notes during the presentations and as you visit with each candidate.
8th Engineering
You will finish up your helmet challenge ignite presentations and reflections. Be ready to present on Tuesday! On Wednesday, we will discuss our participation on Exploravision and the Lexus Eco Challenge. This discussion will determine our next steps.