Saturday, October 3, 2015

News 10/5-10/9

Dates to Remember:

  • AdV Student Exhibition Night - October 21 @ 5:00 p.m.

Need help with something? Post your questions on Edmodo. This week I am not available after school.

Note: I will not be in the classroom with you on Tuesday (although I will still be at Herman). I have planned things for you to do with your guest teacher, and remember that I always expect you to be respectful, responsible and safe.

Classroom News

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5th grade
6th grade
7th grade

BirdBrain Readings have started. Remember you can re-take a reading as many times as needed until the due date (Fridays at 2:30).

5th Science

We continue our exploration of Human Body systems, and learn about the Musculoskeletal, Excretory and Nervous systems. You will work together to figure out which systems work together, and begin your project "Best Body System in a Supporting Role"

6th Science

Plate Tectonics. Now that we have figured out the relationship between earthquakes and strike-slip faults in California, and how hot spots continue to build islands in Hawaii, we move on to Japan. In Japan, we will examine how subduction zones cause strato volcanos. The end of the week will see us visiting Mt. Everest in Nepal, where we will discuss its unique features. We sure do get around don't we?

7th Science
Cells'RUs - We continue exploring the relationship between photosynthesis and cell respiration using the WISE activities. These should be done by the end of the week. Think about how you will incorporate the information you gathered into your CellsRUs model. Which structures will you use to best represent this energy transformation?

8th Engineering
You have made a decision. Fifteen of you chose Exploravision, twelve chose the Lexus Eco Challenge, and one decided to tackle the DuPont challenge. Know that two of the Lexus people will need to revisit their decision, as the groups for that competition cannot be smaller than 5.
To begin with the right frame of mind, we will have examine a "Century of Plastics" and "Engineering the Impossible" before you move on to your specific competitions and your Project Plan.