Sunday, November 8, 2015

News 11/9-11/13

Dates to Remember:

END OF TERM: 11/13. Last day to turn things in 11/12.

  • AdV Parent Information Meeting - November 18 @ 4:00 p.m.
  • Turkey Trot will be held in PE on Thursday, November 19th - Invite your parents to sign up to help during this event using this link

Classroom News

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5th grade
6th grade
7th grade

BirdBrain Readings have started. Remember you can re-take a reading as many times as needed until the due date (Fridays at 2:30).

5th Science

Interdependence of organisms: We will start the week with a rainforest scavenger hunt in order to get a sense of the different relationships present. We will then read a fun story during which you will receive your assignments. Each of you will become a different link in the rainforest food web so we can begin drafting our final work for Avery. Beware Mr. Cuttatree, we are prepared to give you a run for your money.
Project due: Nov 20

6th Science

Severe Weather. We have gathered our evidence and are ready to decide. Which city is the "Safest Place in America"?  Once you have made your choice, you will begin to create your advertising campaigns. Read the directions so that you can successfully prove your choice. Project due Nov. 18

7th Science

Human Body Redesign - You have been working really hard and our research phase is getting done. Start thinking about what specifically you want to address. You could take on a known flaw, or develop a new way of addressing it. X-Men has nothing on us as we develop a better version of the human body. Project due Nov 18.

8th Engineering
This week you will continue to work on your entries for  Exploravision,  Lexus Eco Challenge, or DuPont challenge. Use your planning sheets to develop winning entries. Check your competition website often. You do not want to be disqualified on a technicality.