Sunday, January 10, 2016

News 01/11-0115

Dates to Remember:

  • End of term is 01/15. Last day to submit anything for re-grades is 01/13.
  • No school on January 18 and 19.

Classroom News

Cumulative XP:

5th Science

Matter: We begin our explorations on matter an its properties. We have lab days almost every day as we work to determine the specific properties of M&Ms and how they behave under different conditions. Be ready to be surprised!

6th Science

Source to Maouth. We enter the San Joaquin river delta as we begin to understand the power of water in our river cutters unit. We will work on understanding the different parts of a river and just how the transportation of sediment changes the course of rivers.

7th Science

Genetics. You have received your assignments for the Genetics debate. This week is about understanding your topic and making connections between what we learned and how it is applied in the real world. Make sure you are on the lookout for sources that can help others. Remember, "the enemy of your enemy could be your friend".

8th Engineering
You will continue your work on the YSC project. This long term individual project has you working on a new technology that improves the health and well-being of humanity. By the end of the week you will have narrowed down your project to identify the idea that will guide you for the rest of the project. Don't worry about finding a solution just yet!