Saturday, April 2, 2016

News 03/04-03/08

Dates to Remember:

  • End of term April 15th
  • 5th and 8th grade - your Science CST is scheduled for April 25th. Start Zondling today!

Classroom News

Cumulative XP:

5th Science - Castle

Electricity and Magnetism: We will explore magnetism this week. Performing a series of investigations, we will figure out if we can insulate against magnetism and determine how strong magnets really are.

6th Science - Enchanted Forest

Ocean currents You will continue your study of ocean currents. Through a series of hands-on experiments and demos, you will figure out just how things move in the ocean and more importantly... WHY? Does it matter where trash is dumped? What does temperature and salinity have to do with anything? What exactly powers up the Gulf Stream and how does it affect you? These are some of the questions you will answer this week.

7th Science - Laboratory

Evolution. This week is dedicated to your Evolution project. As you work through, be mindful that "everything comes from something". I can't wait to see your new organisms and listen to you as you tie all evolution concepts together into one seamless presentation. Hard work is upon us.

8th Engineering - Website

Monday and Tuesday will be dedicated to your YSC projects. You did all the work, now it is time to share it with us.
On wednesday we launch the Asteroid Impact project. What will you create to help humanity survive a catastrophic event?