Sunday, April 24, 2016

News 04/25-04/29

Dates to Remember:

  • 5th grade CST is this Tuesday and Thursday. Keep Zondling!
  • Parent Information Night 04/27 (4-5 pm)
  • Student Exhibition Night 05/25 (5-6 pm)

Classroom News

Cumulative XP:

5th Science - Castle

Review: This week is a testing week. You have done the work, you have studied, it is time to show what you know. Do not let nerves get the better of you. I know you will do your absolute best.

6th Science - Enchanted Forest

Biome Survival  You have your biome and have started on your research. By wednesday you should have a clear picture of where your project is going. Your research should be about done, and you wiull begin working on the text product for your project. Check the rubric often. remember your grade is tied ti the number of days you will survive. Don't get stranded!

7th Science - Laboratory

Interdependence of Organisms We begin a new unit. This week we will cover different aspects of ecosystem survival. We will analyze data on energy transfer within an ecosystem and learn about biotic and abiotic factors that help an organisms survive. We will then get up close and personal studying how organisms help one another as we explore the different relationships between organisms.

8th Engineering - Website

We survived the asteroid impact, or did we? Time to put things together and reflect on our successes and failures. What should have been done differently? What questions are yet to be answered? How could you have improved the survival of the citizens of Alabraska?
Once we are satisfied and reflected we will move on to a new EDC - The Thermos Challenge, where we will learn all about heat