Sunday, May 22, 2016

News 05/23-05/27


AdVENTURE Student Exhibition Night

Join us May 25th (5-6 p.m.) in the AdVENTURE classrooms

Dates to Remember:

  • End of term 6: 05/27
  • 8th grade to Great America: 06/01
  • Patriot Games: 06/03
  • AdVENTURE Dance (5, 6 and 7): 06/06
  • Last day of school: 06/07

Classroom News

Cumulative XP:

5th Science - Castle

6th Science - Enchanted Forest

7th Science - Laboratory

8th Engineering - Website

From now and until the last day of school you will all be working on your e-portfolios. This is the time to sit back and reflect on a year of learning. For those of you that are leaving us, it is also the rime to reminisce on everything you accomplished at AdVENTURE. Look back at your previous work and see how much you have grown!