Sunday, September 11, 2016

This Week on the Island 09/12-09/16

Dates to Remember:

  • It's Spirit Week - Wear your spirit colors:
    • Monday Black and White
    • Tuesday: Purple
    • Wednesday: Pink and Blue
    • Thursday: Neon
    • Friday: Tie-dye
  • End of Term 1 09/23 - Mrs. Garcia's gradebook closes 09/21
  • AdV Student Exhibition Night - October 12 @ 5:00 p.m.

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Classroom News

Reminder: To request a regrade for a Non-Zero or Warning assignment, you must send an e-mail to your teacher, with the URL of the document/page you want her to grade. You must sign your e-mail with your name, grade level and class. Remember that, although you only have one assignment, your teacher has to sift through all 170+ assignments and 5 gradebooks to find you. The easier you make it to re-grade, the higher the chance that it will be done promptly.

NOTICE: Looking to answer "Why I Got this grade?" Remember all projects and weekly blogs are graded using ForAllRubrics. To log in use your complete oakgrovesd e-mail and the password given to you as a comment to your grade for your first blog.

  5th Science

This week starts as "writing week". You will post your letter to the School Board, explaining why you think science is important. Yse the different activities we did as evidence of how you grow in your thinking when you know science. Your posts are due this Wednesday (09/14) at the end of class. If you are successful, we will move on to our matter unit and have an opportunity to discover some very interesting properties of matter. 

6th Science

Great work on your scientific method cartoons. We are ready to begin the Cell Wars project. We will start the week with a brief reminder of cells and cell theory. Once we are ready, you will sign up for an organelle and begin crafting an electoral campaign to win the elections for president of Cell-Land. 

7th Science
Your Cell Wars project is almost over. Your videos must be completed by the end of class wednesday. Be ready to present all your work on Thursday, when we will hold elections. The race is close. Who will win? Have you posted all your required smears and answered those who smeared you? Once we have elected a new president for Cell-Land, we will start working on the building blocks of life. 

7th  and 8th  Engineering

Great work creating your Engineering Careers hats. Now is the time to delve deep into the engineering design loop. We will begin the Discover the EDL project. You will get a chance to analyze different projects through an engineering lens and provide evidence for what you discover. Be sure to look outside the project to identify the different skills needed to solve a problem.