Saturday, September 17, 2016

This Week on the Island 09/19-09/23

Dates to Remember:

  • I will be out for a training on Wednesday (09/21), I expect you to be on your absolute best behaviour, and make our guest teacher feel welcome.
  • End of Term 1 09/23 - Mrs. Garcia's gradebook closes 09/21
  • AdV Student Exhibition Night - October 12 @ 5:00 p.m.

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Classroom News

Birdbrain readings have started, for all science classes. Remember that Birdbrain is done outside of class and is due on Fridays at 2:30. Birdbrain grades, once posted on schoolloop, are not subject to re-grades.

NOTICE: Looking to answer "Why I Got this grade?" Remember all projects and weekly blogs are graded using ForAllRubrics. To log in use your complete oakgrovesd e-mail and the password given to you as a comment to your grade for your first blog.

  5th Science

We have successfully saved science! The Board of Education was duly impressed with your writings and reasonings and hope to see more excellent work from all of you. We will start out the week exploring some interesting observations as we experiment with M&Ms. We will briefly detour to discuss matter and close out the week with investigating whether colors collide or combine in our experiments.

6th Science

Cell Wars is in full swing. You are posting some interesting facts about your organelles and I am looking forward to seeing your electoral posters (due Wednesday). Continue working hard to provide evidence that your organelle should win the Cell-Land election. Do you have a catchy slogan for your campaign?

7th Science
We are ready to move on to Cell Processes. We start out by identifying the macromolecules that allow things to happen, and do an interesting analysis of nutritional labels. We then move on to photosynthesis and explore just how the different chemicals combine to make carbohydrates and starches. And here you though we were all done with cells.

7th  and 8th  Engineering

This week will be mostly devoted to crafting your own version of the Engineering Design Loop. You will use your own EDL in all activities we do for the rest of the school year, so you may want to be extra precise.