Sunday, October 23, 2016

This Week on the Island 10/24-10/28

Dates to Remember:

  • End of Term 2 - 11/04 

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Classroom News

Birdbrain readings have started, for all science classes. Remember that Birdbrain is done outside of class and is due on Fridays at 2:30. Birdbrain grades, once posted on schoolloop, are not subject to re-grades.

NOTICE: Looking to answer "Why I Got this grade?" Remember all projects and weekly blogs are graded using ForAllRubrics. To log in use your complete oakgrovesd e-mail and the password given to you as a comment to your grade for your first blog.

  5th Science

We are at the tail end of our matter unit. We will take a brief test on Monday, and continue working on our Element Baby Books. As the week comes to an end, make sure you have submitted your work to the Edmodo Pink Bin. On Friday you will get a chance to see everyone else's work!
Review Game Zone - Matter

6th Science

This week will be totally dedicated to your adaptations posters. Remember that this project is about convincing others that your plant and animal species is so important and well adapted to its environment that it deserves to be the flagship species for the biome. Get creative on how you show your information. A bunch of text does not convince anyone to adopt your organisms.

7th Science

You worked really hard, and have the first 4 blog posts for the Human Body done. This week you will continue on that background research and complete the other four systems assigned. As you are working, keep in mind the ultimate goal of the project - redesign one organ or organ system, and be on the lookout for those opportunities. The information on structure and function you are gathering will determine the success of your redesign!

7th  Engineering

Following the success of your reverse engineering project, you are faced with a new challenge. You will meet Molly and read about her plight. Determine what needs to be done and prepare to immerse yourself in the background research needed to solve her problem. Who knows, maybe you will be the one that develops a whole new line of gadgets as you explore Sound Amplification.

8th  Engineering
You are now working in your teams. As you work through the requirements for a successful submission for Exploravision, make sure you keep our Trello board updated. I am here to help, but the heavy lifting that needs to happen in order to make your project a reality is on you. Follow the due dates you set for yourself, and you will be fine.