Sunday, October 30, 2016

This Week on the Island 10/31-11/04

Dates to Remember:

  • End of Term 2 - 11/04 

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Classroom News

  5th Science
We studied the very small. Now we move on to the immensely big, as we begin our Space Systems unit. We begin the week by talking about "Where in space are we located?". We will practice our math as we talk about the scale of the Universe and begin studying stars. Are all stars the same? How do we classify them when all we can see are are tiny dots? These are some of the questions you will be able to answer by the end of the week.

6th Science and 7th Science

Yes, it is time for our Writing Across the Curriculum. Both grade levels will take this week to show what they know as they draft an argumentative essay that answers the question, "Is it healthier to be a vegetarian or an omnivore?" 

What side of the issue are you on? Have you considered the environmental and health benefits of both diets? Study up and provide evidence for your position!

7th  Engineering

Now that we know what is sound and how sound travels, we are ready to begin thinking about how to solve Molly's dilemma. Brainstorm ideas and experiment with different materials and arrangements. Decide on the best one to build your prototype!

8th  Engineering
You are now working in your teams. As you work through the requirements for a successful submission for Exploravision, make sure you keep our Trello board updated. I am here to help, but the heavy lifting that needs to happen in order to make your project a reality is on you. Follow the due dates you set for yourself, and you will be fine.