Sunday, November 6, 2016

This Week on the Island 11/07-11/11

Dates to Remember:

  • Parent Information Meeting - 11/09 @ 4:00 p.m. in Room 33 - Learn about how to best support all our students at Student Exhibition Night, and get information about our Charity Fair.
  • Veterans day - No school on 11/11
  • Thanksgiving Week - No school 11/21-11/25
  • Charity Fair - 12/07 @ 5:00 p.m.

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Classroom News

  5th Science

You will continue traveling the Solar System as you prepare your planet presentation. Make it fun and interesting and be ready to present your hard work on Wednesday. Remember, all of you have something to share and are accountable for the information. It is time to work together to teach each other. 

6th Science 

This week is all about your superhero concept. You will work to research and develop your superhero, paying particular attention to the structures that need to change in your superhero that will allow him/her to have superpowers. Do not forget to write down the needed information and add it to its portfolio. Your drawing and biographical information needs to be done by the end of class on Thursday. 

7th Science

This week it is all about developing your Human Body project. Whether you are working with a team to redesign a body system or organ, or you are working individually to create a board game, the work you put in now is crucial to your success.Keep all your documents handy and be ready to explain your choices. All your information will be needed as you prepare to present your work.

7th  Engineering

You are putting final touches in your prototype and are ready to begin testing. We will talk about the importance of a baseline, and analyze the data we obtain as you test your work. Begin creating a draft of the document you will submit. Do not forget about the importance of keeping everything documented. Molly is in dire need of your invention, and is looking forward to your creations.

8th  Engineering
By now, you should have begun creating your prototypes. Bring your materials and be ready to discuss your ideas. Do not forget the importance of knowing the science behind your work, and make sure you are documenting (sketching, taking pictures) of what you are doing. Update your boards and be ready to explain your work.