Sunday, December 11, 2016

This Week on the Island 12/12-12/16

Dates to Remember:

  • Holiday Break - 12/19 - 01/03
  • End of Term 3: 01/13/17. My gradebook will close 01/11.

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Classroom News

  5th Science

This week you will continue to work on your Constellation project. At this point, you are putting final touches, and getting ready to showcase your work. Constellation project presentations will be done during class on December 16. Practice what you will say. Each team is allowed 2 minutes to tell us about their constellation.

6th Science 

This is getting fun. You will begin the week determining the probability of traits passed on to your superhero babies, and you will have a chance to draw him/her out. Is your baby a superhero or a villain? Back it up with your Punnett work. As we continue, we will talk about incomplete dominance, co-dominance and sex-linked traits. Be ready to show what you know!

7th Science

We will start the week retracing Mendel's work, and using what we learned to figure out just how he determined the dominance of traits. With that knowledge in hand, we will work on the traits your superhero has, and identify his/her villain mate. Be ready to explain the genotypes of your superhero that lead to his/her phenotype. 

7th  Engineering

This week you will continue your Thermos Challenge. With the evidence you gathered in the Learn section, you will get an opportunity to go through the complete design process to create a working prototype. Who will win the Thermos Challenge?

8th  Engineering

Your final exploravision submissions are due this Friday. I have re-posted the requirements in the schoolloop assignment. Be extra careful to comply in order to avoid disqualification. Sometime this week, you will be tested on your knowledge of your submission. You should be able to explain all aspects of the work in detail. Be prepared to demonstrate the learning you acquired.