Sunday, February 12, 2017

This Week on the Island - 02/13-02/17

Dates to Remember:

  • February Break is 02/20-02/24. Enjoy your time off.
  • End of Term is 03/03. My gradebook closes 03/01.

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Classroom News

  5th Science

We begin the study of Earth Systems, by looking inside the Earth. You will learn about the different plates and how they move using the WISE platform. Keep up with the workload, as there are many cool things to explore. By the end of the week you will have a clear understanding of why there are earthquakes in California, and what is all this "hoopla" about faults.

6th Science 

This week is all about understanding the relationship between heat, temperature and matter. You will move through several activities developed in the platform, aimed at deepening your understanding of how matter behaves when energy is added. What does this have to do with popcorn? You will have to wait and see.

7th Science

This week is all about tracking how matter and energy flow through ecosystems. You already know a lot about it, in a different context. It is time to connect two pieces of information and create that mind map that will allow you to think deeper about concepts. Let your ideas cycle through, and put your thinking to good use.  

7th  Engineering

We have partnered up with the 5th grade to create Hero's Journey videos. You will be meeting with your partners and decide on the different shots you need to fully explain their story. Be prepared with your script and shot list, so that you can pay homage to your partner's journey.

8th  Engineering

As a class, you decided to tackle the Genius Hour project. This week, you will need to convince us that your idea is worthy of your time and effort. Read the IGNITE presentation instructions carefully (found both in Schoolloop and Edmodo), as the requirements have changed a tiny bit. Prepare to IGNITE us with your passion for your topic, and everything will be well. Remember to document your research using the CITE-IT rubric you created. These will be checked often!