Sunday, March 26, 2017

This Week on the Island 03/27-03/31

Dates to Remember:

  • Cesar Chavez Day 03/31 - No school

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Classroom News

  5th Science

This week you will start your Severe weather project. Read the assignment carefully and ask questions as you go along. I cannot wait to see what you come up with.

6th Science 

We continue to work on climate change. This week we will focus on the different ways that humans are adding carbon to the atmosphere. You will explore the effects of climate change in ecosystems and in humans. You will also get an opportunity to think hard about how your own actions are contributing to the problem. What will you do about it?

7th Science

After an in-depth study about the periodic table visiting Castle Mendeleev, we will begin studying chemical reactions. Follow the different paths to understand how a molecule is formed, and how different reactants produce products. Get ready to use that knowledge in a challenging game.

7th  Engineering

Impending doom is upon us, and only your team of engineers can help us! Discover how your knowledge of earth science can be applied to to avoid a mass extinction. Will you be able to save the people of Alabraska? Identify the problem this week, and determine how big a shelter you will need as you are introduced to the Asteroid Impact project.

8th  Engineering

This is the last week! Use your time wisely to prepare for your Ted-talks. It is now time to show all that you accomplished!