Sunday, April 23, 2017

This Week on the Island 04/24-04/28

Dates to Remember:

  • CAASP Science Test (5 and 8 - only) 05/04-05/05
  • End of Year Student Exhibition Night 05/24
  • End of Term 6 06/02.

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Classroom News
Birdbrain and Blogs Resume!

  5th Science

This week we will study how matter and energy is cycled through living things. You will learn about photosynthesis and begin to talk about food chains and food webs. Just like every cook needs ingredients to make a meal, plants need some ingredients to make their own food. Thise ingredients are readily available, or are they?

6th Science 

This week we will start our Ecodetectives unit. You will meet Juan Tuno, and learn about his efforts to stop the closure of the water slides. You will uncover the mystery of the water fleas and their role as bioindicators. Be ready to put on your detective hats and join us as we become environmental detectives.

7th Science

This week you will begin your participation in a study on game based learning. You will study how the rate of a reaction can be controlled and how energy is transferred in a chemical reaction. To cement that knowledge, you will be using different playlists and experiments that will illustrate the concepts. Lots of different things to explore.

7th  Engineering and 8th Engineering

Urban Village Website
This week you will begin the "build" phase of our End of Year project. You have already determined what needs to be done in the space you selected. It is time to share your ideas with the building company that will bring them to life. Listen carefully to what they want in your interviews, and determine what can and cannot be done.