Sunday, April 30, 2017

This Week on the Island 05/01-05/05

Dates to Remember:

  • CAASP Science Test (5 and 8 - only) 05/04-05/05
  • End of Year Student Exhibition Night 05/24
  • End of Term 6 06/02.

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Classroom News
Birdbrain and Blogs Resume!

  5th Science
This week we will continue learning how matter and energy is transferred in an ecosystem. We start off the week by exploring energy loss at each step of the energy ladder. Why is there so much energy lost at each rung? We will then continue exploring food chains and prepare to take the CASSP Science test on thursday and friday.

6th Science 

We have learned that there are many possible answers to the mystery surrounding the fish kill in the Grey Bay. We will finish our Sedimental Journey, and move on to the happenings in Parallel Park. There are more suspects to meet before we make our final determination. Keep your evidence handy, some things may not be what they seem.

7th Science

We continue studying chemical reactions as we determine how energy is "captured" or "released" by molecules. We will have a couple of labs to increase our understanding of how energy moves, and then take on acidity. Be ready to prove your knowledge and provide evidence that a chemical reaction occurs.

7th  Engineering and 8th Engineering

Urban Village Website
You have begun building. Make sure you have your materials and rationale for each of your choices. Make your best effort to illustrate exactly what needs to be done, and price out your solution. Who knows, perhaps your solution  will actually be built!